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The No-Nonsense Guide to World FoodNoNonsense

Food security is a topic that is increasingly in the public consciousness. Covering fast food, health food, institutional food, and more, this timely guide shows how “real food” has become increasingly scarce, dominated as it is in the West by agri-business and supermarkets. In the no-nonsense tone for which these guides are known, Wayne Roberts covers nutrition, health, economics and more. He also gives examples of effective food-ways being developed by individuals, communities, and governments.

An essential guide to this important issue, this book will appeal to students, food professionals and activists, public health staff and concerned citizens — anyone who aims to understand the world food system and how it can be improved.

$16.00 CAD
184 pages
ISBN 9781897071441

Praise for The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food

“As globalization obscures locality of ecosystems and communities with brands and logos, the best way to recognize our true nature and needs is food… What species do we consume, where, how and by whom were they reared and harvested, what was the ecological footprint of the food? Books like this get us started in our thinking and our actions.”
David Suzuki

“A superb introduction to the unfolding contradictions of food and farming since World War II. Its special strength is a clear vision of how myriad dandelions of sustainability and justice are widening the cracks in a dangerously rigid and homogenizing agrifood system.”
Harriet Friedmann, Professor of Sociology and Fellow, Centre for International Studies, University of Toronto

“For people just starting to ask questions about where their food comes from and why, this book is a good introduction to the complex interplay of world trade rules, food safety standards, environmental footprints and farming practices that make up our food system.”
The Record (Kitchener)

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