VIDEO: Sustainable Food Policy

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Wayne Roberts, one of Canada’s leading food policy analysts and former manager of the Toronto Food Policy Council discusses sustainable food polices and the role they can play in creating a healthier Greater Sudbury. Watch it here: Sustainable Food Policy

Life of Bryan: Working the magic of sustainable food’s sweet spot


Brian Gilvesy is one of Canada’s most-recognized farm innovators, as well as one of the country’s best-known leaders of the food movement. That combination is unusual in any region or country—one of the ways that Gilvesy exemplifies both the hallmarks of the food movement in Canada, as well as the unique components of agro-ecology as [...]

Students, Activists Tackle Body Size and Equity Issues at New College Panel


Katie LeBesco was the main course at the New College Global Food Equity initiative’s public lecture on obesity politics, but the pièce de résistance was the panel that followed. First to speak was Asam Ahmad, coordinator of It Gets Fatter, a body-positivity project serving people of colour dealing with fat issues, who launched with a zinger: he said he [...]

‘Ugly fruit’ finally breaks through to supermarket shelves


There’s a lot to learn from Loblaws decision to sell less attractively shaped fruit and vegetables for 30 per cent less than their more stylish counterparts on the other side of the produce runway. Loblaws is not only the leading supermarket in Canada. It’s also a retailing pioneer that draws on the marketing knowhow of [...]

The Bogeyman of Obesity: Katie Lebesco Talks Fat Activism and Body Politics at New College


When I was a kid growing up in the “happy days” era, anyone who was the slightest bit different – I mean slightly, as in having freckles, a cowlick, glasses, a limp, a speech impediment, a twitch or accent, or being shy, skinny (me), fat, or even queasy if someone put a frog put down [...]

Africa’s women-driven agriculture movement a blueprint for a brighter future


Few areas of the world live up to this year’s International Women’s Day theme to “Make it Happen” as well as the isolated villages of eastern Africa  — where most women grow, process and cook food, often as the sole head of the family. This may surprise people who think of the women’s rights movement [...]

VIDEO: Rummaging Through the Myth: The True Cost of Food Waste

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Canadian Food Policy Analyst, Dr. Wayne Roberts spoke at the Kawartha World Issues Centre’s KWIC World Issues Cafe on January 24, 2015 in Peterborough, Ontario. The Issues Cafe was held in conjunction with the ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival’s feature film “Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story” Watch the full video here: KWIC World Issues [...]

The Brazil Food Guide: Look at food differently in 2015


This is the year we can all look to Brazil’s Food Guide for tips on how to consider what we eat in a new light. Brazil is best known in the food and health worlds for its Zero Hunger program, launched in 2003 in what was then known as the most unequal country in the [...]

Five Ways to Watch Your “Wasteline” and Get Creative with Food Waste

Despite minimal publicity, students had to sign up weeks in advance to reserve a seat for a packed food event held on November 24 in the cavernous William Doo Auditorium at the University of Toronto’s New College. Was the huge crowd lured by a professional event organizer offering samples of exquisite delicacies and a chance [...]

Food activists celebrate gains at Halifax conference

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One of the oldest of essential human needs, food energizes Canada’s newest social movement, which entered the scene long after the labour, human rights and women’s movements — all of which predated the global rise of neoliberalism. If the 500 food advocates attending six plenaries and 50 workshops at the Halifax conference of Food Secure [...]

Agroecology at New: World Food Days, Part 3


This year, several United Nations identified agroecology as a strategy of food production that is central to dealing with hunger, human rights and environmental crises. This October, New College added to this discussion by hosting a mini-conference to celebrate World Food Day and ask if agroecology is pushing out agriculture as “the next new thing” in food [...]

VIDEO: Planet in Focus eco-hero Wayne Roberts

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Wayne Roberts took part in the  Planet in Focus 2014 Permaculture Panel following the screening of The Chikukwa Project, directed by Gillian Leahy and Terry Leahy. Watch the video here: PIF Eco-Hero Wayne Roberts

Agroecology at New: World Food Days, Part 2


Dr. Filiberto Penados gives new meaning to the term, “visiting professor”. He travels regularly from his Central American home in Belize to lecture at New College and elsewhere at U of T for the Equity Studies, Aboriginal Studies, Caribbean Studies, Human Biology and New One: Learning Without Borders programs. In Belize, he directs the Institute [...]

Rejoice! Toronto’s civic system may yet save the city from itself


On October 27, Toronto voters reverted to type by electing one middle-of-the-road (or is it subway?) mayor, and a grand total of seven fresh faces on a City Council of 44 members. Some candidates lose elections, but the government always wins, cynics may be tempted to say. But the deeper causes of such political stability [...]

Collaborating On Food: An Interview With Wayne Roberts


Sustain Ontario spoke to Wayne Roberts, food policy expert and author of The No Nonsense Guide to World Food and Food for City Building: A Field Guide for Planners, Actionists & Entrepreneurs (2014). For 10 years, Wayne was the chair of the Toronto Food Policy Council, a group internationally renowned for being the first food policy council embedded within a major [...]