Slow Money

A lot of people blame fast buck artists for bringing on the 2008 economic crash, but few have yet looked to slow money artistry to get the economy moving in a better direction.

Is being vegan the only green option?

To be or not to be (vegan)?

Join the discussion on how green and vegan issues relate; see my intro to the issues in this debate with PETA member Bruce Friedrich:

Do Food and Health Policy Have Anything to do with the Arizona Murders?


There’s something a tad self-absorbed about the outpouring of media grief and analysis over a shooting rampage that left six dead in Arizona. Analysis is normally reserved for things that have larger numbers attached to them, like the uneventful and painfully slow death from starvation each day of at least 16,000 children (some reputable agencies [...]

Health Council Report Steps Up Criticism of Runaway Medical Spending

Thanks to New Year’s resolutions that haven’t run out of steam yet, my local gym is packed with fresh faces of people who look like they don’t normally look forward to an hour a day of sit-ups, lunges and push-ups, but feel like they have to if they want to lose a few pounds or [...]

The All-But-Secret Trade Deal Between Canada And Europe Needs A Close Look

Robert Assange need to be free so he can create some wikileaks buzz around all-but-secret but all-but- done trade deals that will lock Canada into policies that ban most of the tools needed to protect a local and sustainable food supply, no matter who wins the next federal elections. Discussions leading to an all-embracing “bilateral” [...]

How Biomass Is My Valley? Could Bio-Energy Be Worse Than Fossil Fuels?

Ontario’s recently-tabled Long-Term Energy Plan confirms the Liberal government’s commitment to both nuclear power and renewable sourcing of new electricity — with price offers and open grids that invite some 11000 megawatts of green power. That’s more than enough to allow the province to go coal-free within ten years — a big break for clean [...]


Here is the text of my keynote address to Food Secure Canada conference in Montreal, Saturday, November 27. It can be discouraging to learn how far we need to go in such a short time to set the world right, and the the world’s burdens can weigh heavily on our puny shoulders. It can also [...]

New Category! Foodbooks for Thought

Wayne is now reviewing books about food policy, food security, the environment under a new category, Foodbooks for Thought. Simply enter Foodbooks as a search term below, and the latest posts will pop up!

New Book Explains Why Big Cities Back Hometown Food

As a local food enthusiast, I often wonder: why is it that places most removed in their landscape from farms, most outward-turning in their economy, most cosmopolitan in their culture, most multicultural in their backgrounds, most futuristic in their outlook — North American cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver, Chicago, Toronto, New York and [...]

Corporate Knights’ The Killer Kernel

Wayne was recently interviewed by Toby A. A. Heaps from Corporate Knights Magazine regarding the link between food policy and our health care system. Please read The Killer Kernel.

A Raging Bull in a Tea Party Shop: What Foodies Can Learn from a City Election in Toronto that Foretold U.S. Mid-term Elections

I wrote most of this as an assessment of Toronto’s election during the day of October 25, before the polls were closed and any votes counted in Toronto’s city elections. I didn’t know who won, but I already knew what lost — Toronto’s longstanding consensus around the “radical middle” of city responsibilities for social belonging [...]

Foodbooks for Thought: Mark Winne’s New Book an Organizer’s Manual for America’s Food Rebels

In Winne’s story-telling way, policies dance like a butterfly but sting like a bee, as they emerge as practical solutions to the real problems each person confronts.


Politics has changed so much since I grew up that I still have trouble coping with modern conservatives who are usually outraged by the way things are going and are very militant and venomous about the need for abrupt changes. I find today’s radicals equally out of character with my memories. Many old-time Toronto activists [...]

Raj Patel in Toronto: From the Ground Up

LECTURE   2:30 – 4 PM STUFFED & STARVED THE HIDDEN BATTLE FOR THE WORLD’S FOOD SYSTEM Gardiner Museum Terrace Room* 111 Queen’s Park Crescent *NEW VENUE $12 General Admission / $10 Students TICKETS AT THE DOOR LIMITED SEATING, ARRIVE EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT PS — It’s moderated by the lovely and talented Lori Stahlbrand [...]

The Four Rs: Retooling Schools as Community Hubs

By sheer luck, I got a quick taste of the linked future of food and schooling last week. At the last minute, I was invited to fill an empty seat on a charter plane and come see a meal program in a First Nations Cree community of a thousand people in Fort Albany, near where [...]