Governments Spend More on Bombs, Not Food, Decades after Cold War and Atomic Bombing

Visiting Japan a few years ago changed the way I look at the difference between conventional and nuclear war. On August 6, 1945, Hiroshima became the target for the first atomic bomb dropped on civilian populations, a chilling example of the use of non-conventional weapons. That moment is now commemorated around the world every August. [...]

Packaging “tax” — or is it fee? — comes to Ontario

Every time I see a shopper at the checkout counter stuff an armful of food into a purse or briefcase, I’m reminded how far Canadians will stretch themselves to save the five cent tax on plastic bags and do the right thing to cust back on packaging waste. Now we’re being asked to stretch some [...]

Wayne Roberts’ Secret Retirement Recipe for Successful Food Policy Councils

The following remarks were delivered by Wayne at a June 29 party of 130 people celebrating his ten years with the Toronto Food Policy Council and Toronto Public Health. Liz Janzen, the recently retired director of Toronto Public Health, who did so much to champion the Toronto Food Policy Council and many other bold initiatives, [...]

What If Oil Subsidies Were Phased Out by G-20 Leaders?

Every minute of the thousand minutes of meeting time by the G20 muckety mucks costs Canadian taxpaying hosts a million dollars, critics complain. But the Return on Investment could be as high as 557 to 1 if G20 governments gathered in Toronto follow their own pledge from last year’s meet in Pittsburgh, which pledged to [...]

Feast & Famine: Shifting to a Sustainable Food System

The Canadian International Council, Toronto Branch & The Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto present Feast Famine: Shifting to a Sustainable Food System. Featured Panelists: Professor Harriet Friedmann, Fellow, Demarcus Lawrence Womens Jersey Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto Rosemary McCarney, President & CEO, Plan Canada Dr. Wayne Roberts, Toronto Food Policy Council Margaret [...]

Iggy fails taste test: Libs new food policy breaks ground but is low on basics

Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff released his proposed national food policy on April 26. Policy-wise, the dish makes for slim pickin’s, mostly overcooked, a bit stale, loaded with artificial sweeteners and flavors, low on basic nutrients. But that’s not the point. Ignatieff is Canada’s first major political leader to stake out ground for the next [...]

The Stress of Food Bank Food

I was  fully prepared for several days of poor eats when I took part in the Stop Community Food Centre’s Do the Math media stunt earlier this April, when ten well-known Torontonians signed on to stretch a three day ration of food bank grub for as long as possible. But I was shocked by how [...]

Eating Your Pride on a Welfare Diet

(Adapted from NOW Magazine, 2000-1) When I went on a welfare diet last week, I didn’t realize just how quickly I would have to swallow my pride. At the request of Daily Bread Food Bank, about 20 politicians, journalists and policy wonks agreed to try eating on the same budget as people on social assistance. [...]

Governments Continue Tax Breaks for Junk Foods and Over-packaging

Most people think of food as tax-free, but it’s not. The issue is not so much the absence of taxes on food, but the lack of purpose behind them.  The general public calls such levies tax grabs. Among fans of smart public policy, they’re called dumb taxes. The federal government, with which most provinces will [...]

“If Id Known You Were Comin…” The Role of Food and Hospitality in Community Development

Here is a great presentation by Wayne Demarcus Lawrence Womens Jersey regarding the role of food Demarcus Lawrence Youth Jersey and hospitality in community development. Demarcus Lawrence Kids Jersey He talks about the role food policy experts can take in understanding the global tradition of “breaking bread” and how  food bolsters connection and community with [...]

First Lady Obama Will Have Weightier Impact on Health Debates than Hubby

President Barack Obama’s efforts at reforming the U.S. approach to medical care won’t win many imitators in other countries. Indeed, he’s likely to be upstaged in global health debates by First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. Lady Obama launched a Let’s Move anti-obesity campaign on February 9, and is already catching up with [...]

Science Does a Re-run of 1950s Modernism

The best publisher’s freebie on the ’Net these days is the February special issue of Science devoted to Food Security. But, as with all things gratis, it rolls out a welcome mat to something else that should raise more questions than gratitude for the free pass. It’s an indicator of the potential of the emerging [...]

Black Is the New Black: The Rise of the Terra Preta Underground

After the failure of world leaders to produce a climate protection plan in Copenhagen, burnt offerings and negative thinking can keep us positive. The burnt offering is a breakthrough that can buy time by getting carbon dioxide from rotting plants out of the air and into the ground. Move over carbon-neutral – yesterday’s watchword, and [...]

The Unknown Earthquake in Haiti’s Countryside

March, when next season’s crops are due to be planted in Haiti, is less than a month away. For the tens of thousands who have left the rubble and despair of Haiti’s capital to find shelter in some 500 camps throughout the countryside, it could be their chance to plant a new life for themselves [...]

The Edible City

Wayne will be speaking about his essay in The Demarcus Lawrence Womens Jersey Edible City at the Hart House Library and Literary Committee meeting on Demarcus Lawrence Youth Jersey March 1 from 7 – 8:30 in the Hart House Debates room. More details Demarcus Lawrence Kids Jersey found here!