Occupy Movement Identifies Food Movement Common Inspiration and Options

Le’Veon Bell Kids Jersey wp-image-747″ title=”occupy” src=”http://wayneroberts.ca/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/occupy.jpg” alt=”" width=”277″ height=”182″ />This week’s blog comes to you via World Watch: Nourishing the Planet. I have been James Conner Jersey posting my articles on their site for some time and am hoping that it will James Conner Authentic Jersey encourage my readers to check out their site and vice-versa. This week I offer my view on why Occupy grabs attention and starts a new trend for the food movement. If this whets your appetite then click  Here



  1. Guy K. Ames says:

    Sorry, and it’s no big deal, but it’s not “wet” your appetite; it’s WHET, as in sharpen. –former English teacher (can’t help myself)

  2. michellegerman says:

    Thanks for your comments, I have changed wet to whet for your reading pleasure (and peace of mind).

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