Is being vegan the only green option?

Join the discussion on how green and vegan issues relate; see my intro to the issues in this debate with PETA member Bruce Friedrich:


  1. Is VEGAN the only option? Both of you made great points–those who are consuming the most meat per capita, the “privileged North” get most of their meat (as well as bovine milk and chicken eggs) from factory farms. Though I also wouldn’t attempt to impose eating an exclusively plant-based diet on the entire world (e.g. it would be a challenge in Mongolia!) I see our way of eating, at least in the United States, isn’t even a free-market capitalist system. It’s socialist. Without the tax-payer burden of Corporate Welfare, i.e. the Farm Bill, and the subsidies of corn and soy, factory farms wouldn’t exist. Subsidized GMO corn and soy = cheap feed. The price of non-organic meat, milk, and eggs makes the prices of the Organic/grass-fed/etc. counterparts seem excessive. Those prices are what the meat/milk/eggs really cost! If all in the privileged north cut our meat AND DAIRY & EGG consumption way down, instead focused on a mostly plant-based diet we would be much better off.

    –Also the point about eating Organic/pasture raised meat, such as at a public event, seems to almost need a disclaimer. The more people are around others eating a lot of animal-based foods the more acceptable it is, and we know that most of those purchases are not for the organic animal-based foods. And this also holds true! The more people that eat vegan foods, and perhaps asks chefs and challenge them to develop even tastier plant-based options for your favorite places to dine, it will become more acceptable and available–even it you’re not eating this way *every* meal.

  2. Rudy says:

    No amount of meat is good for us. Wrong fuel for the human car altogether. We’re made of water, almost 80%, meat is fat–saturated fat, LDL cholesterol. Oil (fat) and water do not mix–grade nine biology––never has, never will. We would never put diesel in a car that requires unleaded fuel, not even once, so, why treat our cars made of metal better than our cars made of flesh.

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