VIDEO: Wayne Roberts on Food

Wayne asserts that the potential of food for solving societal problems can only be unlocked if viewed as a Rubik’s cube. You have to view all 6 sides of the cube at the same time, which demands integral thinking and working. Very helpful then is not asking the classical question ‘how do we make food cheaper’, but ‘how do we get more value out of food’. This will generate incredible return of investment, e.g. in healthcare.

Watch the video here: Wayne Roberts on Food


  1. Shirley says:

    I feel very validated by this video as I have had similar thoughts, but as an average citizen not sure what to do about them.
    Often I have engaged in conversation with friends concerning the value of food. We have been trained by ads to search for the best deal rather than the best food for our body and mind. These are behaviors that can be relearned. My wonder is how to do so against the millions of dollars that are pumped into the opposing view? Or, for that matter the collective food system working as a whole??
    I do agree with the overall premise, but also believe we need to teach what value we are looking for our health, environment, and equitable access for all citizens. Few people have the time or desire to look at things multifaceted and choose to give their voice over to others.

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